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Survey & Construction.Western Railway ,Churchgate

About us

Survey & Construction (Construction Department) Western Railway undertakes the construction of infrastructures for Western Railway like :

  • New Railway lines,
  • Conversion of MG to BG lines,
  • Doubling of existing lines,
  • Providing ROBs / RUBs for convenience of road users,
  • Passenger amenities on Railway stations etc.

Important functions :-

i) Survey & Estimation.

ii) Planning & Design.

iii) Dealing Tender & Contract Matters in regard to projects and construction activities.

iv) Procurement of P-way material.

Organisation Chart 

Summary of Important Projects         

Contact Details

                                                                                               Administration Office

Secretary to Chief Administrative Officer ,

Survey & Construction,

Administrative office,

1st floor, Churchgate Station Building,


Mumbai 400020,


090-22315 (Rly autophone ),

022-2203 0006 (P & T) 

FAX   : 022-2201 5983,

Source : Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 03-10-2017