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          Medical department of Western Railway provides comprehensive health care i.e. administrative, curative, preventive and promotive services.

         The Medical Department, in keeping with pattern of Medical & Health services on Indian Railways provides comprehensive health care through a close-knit organization. The beneficiaries numbering 5.5 Lakhs, include serving railway employees and their family members and dependents, retired railway employees, their family members and dependents and certain other categories of staff such as contractors, labour, vendors, licensed porters etc.
The services are provided through a network of 1 Zonal Hospital; 1 Workshop Hospital; 5 Divisional hospitals and 2 Sub-divisional hospitals; 56 Health Units and 9 Lockup dispensaries.

  • Services Available at Hospitals
  • Honorary Visiting Specialist : 
  1. List of Honorary Visiting Specialists 

  • Stores and Tenders:
  1. List of registered firms - Medicines & Drugs
  2. List of inspected Manufacturers / Factories as on 17/2/2016
  3. List of Purchase Orders (19.6.2012 to 14.5.2013)
  4. List of Purchase Orders (19.6.2013 to 08.04.2014)
  5. List of Purchase Orders (April.2014 to June/2015) - Limited tenders
  6. List of Purchase orders (July 2015 to June 2017
  7. List for Annual Medical Indent 2017
  8. List of Annual Medical Indent 2019
  9. New Drug Policy 2014 (2014/RS(G)/779/13 dated 03-02-2015) -  Please download for criteria for empanelment, annexures and forms regarding Firm registration and inspection of firms for Drugs, Medicines, Consumables, Surgicals and Laboratory items
  10. Clarification regarding policy for sub-standard drugs - Drug Policy 2014
  11. Instructions to Registered Firms
  12. Railway Board guidelines regarding registration

  • Manuals & Codes:   IRMM

  • GSTIN Number of Indian Railways

  1. Gujarat:                          24AAAGM0289C1ZP   
  2. Daman Diu:                    25AAAGM0289C2ZN
  3. Dadra Nager Haveli:      26AAAGM0289C1ZL
  4. Maharashtra:                  27AAAGM0289C2ZI
  5. Madhya Pradesh:           23AAGM0289C1ZR
  6. Rajasthan:                      08AAAGM0289C1ZJ

Source : Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-10-2018