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Type of Fines and Amount of Fines

a)   Travelling without proper pass/ticket (Sec. 138 Railway Act)      

Punishment: Ordinary single fare for the distance which he has travelled or from the station from which the train started and the excess charge i.e. `250/-

b)  Travelling Fraudulently  (Sec. 137 Railway Act)

Punishment :6 months jail, fine `1,000/-or both.

c)   Alarm Chain Pulling(Sec. 141 Railway Act)

Punishment :12 months jail, fine`1,000/-or both.

d)  Travelling in Coach Reserved for Handicapped Passengers (Sec. 155 (a) Railway Act)

Punishment :3 months jail, fine `500/-or both.

 e)   Travelling o­n Roof Top (Sec. 156 Railway Act)   Punishment: 3 months jail, fine`500/- or both.

f)    Trespassing (Sec. 147 Railway Act)

Punishment : 6 months jail, fine `1,000/- or both.

g)  Nuisance and Littering (Sec. 145 (b) Railway Act)

      Punishment : 1st offence` 100 fine, 2nd & subsequent ` 250, o­ne month imprisonment.

h)  Bill Pasting (Sec. 166 (b) Railway Act)

      Punishment: 6 months jail, fine ` 500/- or both.

i)    Touting (Sec. 143 Railway Act)

      Punishment: 3 years jail, fine`10,000/- or both.

j)    Unauthorised Hawking (Sec. 144 Railway Act)

      Punishment : One year jail, fine min.`1,000/-, max. `2,000/- or both.

Source : Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 30-09-2015