Western Railway has decided that from 1st December 2008 onwards, all tenders for supply of stores will be invited through E-tendering only.  No Manual offers sent by Post/Fax or in person shall be accepted against such E-tenders even if these are submitted on the Firm's letter head and received in time.  All such manual offers shall be considered as invalid offers and shall be rejected summarily without any consideration.


 The following are pre-requisites for participation in E-tendering through Internet.


1.                 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) :


Acquire a Class III Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from any of the authorized Certifying Agencies (viz. TCS, NCODE, MTNL, SAFESCRIPT, NIC or IDRBT).


2.                 Familiarize yourself with the system :


a)                             Visit the Indian Railway E-Procurement portal.



b)                             Follow the link "Learning Centre" and study the resources available on the site.


c)                             A User manual for vendors in PDF format can be downloaded from the above site for your reference.


d)                             Browser settings details are available on the home page under the heading "Resources".


3.                 Creating of User ID :


a)                             Immediately after acquiring the DSC token you should submit a request for User ID for the IREPS site by following the link "New Vendors" on the home page of


b)                             Please fill up the required information on-line and digitally sign the request with your DSC token. Before clicking on the Sign & Submit button please ensure that the public key is exported from the token and installed on the 'Others folder' of the Browser.


c)                             Please ensure that you provide a valid Email address while filling up the Request Form because the email address you provide becomes the User ID for the IREPS website.


d)                             The password will be emailed to you by the IREPS Manager on your email address.


4.                 Participation in tender :


Once the User ID and Password for the IREPS site is received you can login using the same and view all advertised tenders and the limited tenders addressed to you and also submit your bids on-line against the tenders.


5.                 In-case of any doubt or for clarifications please contact the Sr.Materials Manager (Systems), W.Rly., Churchgate at the following phone                 nos. (022-67622959) or you can also raise your queries to the helpdesk of IREPS or call up at 011-24102855.




         Controller of Stores