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Information Required in reference to Section 4(1)(b)

in The Right To Information Act, 2005 as under:-





The particulars of its organisation, functions and duties

The operating department is concerned with the running and Safety of both passengers and goods trains and is headed by Principal Chief Operations Manager (PCOM).

The department also arranges multi modal traffic in regular coordination with Container Corporation of India. This includes both traffic for export and traffic for domestic use.

The passenger traffic has seen a constant increase over the years, due to increase in population as well as due to increased requirement to travel due to economic development. The freight traffic has also increased simultaneously. The Operating Department has to examine these increasing requirements and has to organize for satisfying the same. This also involves planning of infrastructural development for future traffic projections, Line Capacity constraints, Port connectivity and other ongoing projects. Operating Department also plays a pivotal role in planning of speed, mobility of trains matching international standards.

Organisation Chart: Please Click the link:


 The powers and duties of its officers and employees


Principal Chief Operations Manager is the administrative head of train operations in the Zonal railway and reporting to Railway Board and GM. He is responsible for management of Traffic planning, Freight and Passenger train operation, safety in train operations through the teams headed by Chief Transportation Planning Manager, Chief Freight Transportation Manager and Chief Passenger Transportation Manager & Chief Operations Manager (General). He holds overall managerial responsibility and exercises unlimited control of both passenger and freight in the railway as a whole. His office ensures compliance of Policies and guidelines laid down by the Railway Board (Ministry of Railways) and are promptly followed and implemented in the system.


CTPM is the head of planning organization of Operating department. He is responsible for approval of traffic facilities works, infrastructure developmental activities, approval IPA, DPR, ESP, SIPs etc including that of Pvt Sidings, PFTs, Port connectivity, PPP projects, Western Dedicated Freight corridor project, High Speed Rail Corridor project etc, transfer and posting of non-gazetted staff and assists PCOM in disposal of DAR cases of Gr. “C” staff of Western Railway. He co-ordinates with private sectors for setting up of new private railway siding for upcoming projects. He also co-ordinates and gives direction to remove bottlenecks and decongestion the section.



Dy. COM-Planning assists CTPM in all the planning matters. He handles works related to traffic facility, approval of yard plans, preparation of line capacity statement, Gauge conversion, Doubling, Electrification of section, Private Sidings, Private Freight Terminals and Port Connectivity Projects, RTI matters etc.


COM/G is the overall in-charge of Traffic Safety Section.Framing of Subsidiary rules of Operating Manual, Accident Manual and Block Working Manual. Overseeing functioning of ZTCs/Area Training School.Reviewing of training modules, functioning of Zonal training school, functioning of Divisional Traffic Schools, arranging initial promotional refresher courses for operating staff etc. He also deals with implementation of rules and recommendations like one of High Level Committee on disaster Management and Accident Inquiry Report, Railway Safety Review Committee which are pertaining to operating department.


Dy. COM (Rules) assists COM/G in handling the works related to traffic safety and traffic stores. Deals with matters pertaining to review and amendment to General and Subsidiary rules, Accident Manual and Block working Manual. Monitors functions of Zonal Railway Training institute, Divisional Training Centres and up gradation of training facilities for the staff of operating department.




Planning and handling of freight loading and unloading over W. Rly. He coordinates with adjoining railways and Railway Board on day-to-day basis for freight movement. He also co-ordinates and gives direction for inter divisional and inter railway movements. Gives suitable orders to divisions and Central Control with regard to restrictions and unloading/loading, plans for better performance of the loading/unloading terminals of the Railways.





Assists CFTM in planning, monitoring and co-ordinates freight operations on Western Railway. Plans freight movement, freight loading and unloading over WR, Conducts conference with divisions and issue guidance/instructions to Control Office at division and Headquarter. Monitors daily indents’ position and supply of wagons. Issues approvals for diversion/rebooking of rakes on the system, under the rules in force.




Implementing new projects and updates all the IT projects of FOIS such as Rake Management System, Terminal Management System, Crew Management System, ICMS, COA, RTIS, CTSR, COIS, CCLMS, Data Logger etc. overWestern Railway.

Monitors the FOIS locations on regular basis to improve the software and rectify software issues in coordination with CRIS/NDLS.

Working as a nodal officer for implementation and smooth functioning of e-Office in Operating department of HQ.





Assisting CFTM and Dy.COM (Goods) in freight management. Analyses the data and positions received from divisions and monitors daily freight operations through respective divisional controls and central control. Put up important messages/orders received in central control from Divisions/Railway Board for granting approval/permission and orders from higher management. Check implementation of orders in the system of operation.


Organizing various meetings as and when asked by competent authority. Coordinating with different departments for early disposal of the files and letters. Maintenance of various letters and circulars addressed to PCOM.Prepares of meeting papers for PCOM and CFTM like Operating meeting/ Crack meeting.



CPTM is the Head of coaching organization and looks after the planning, running and monitoring of movement related to Mail/Express, Passenger and Special trains on the entire WR. Co-ordinates with all the divisions of WR, adjoining Railways and Railway Board in connection with the running of passenger trains. He decides the matters pertaining to Time-Tabling, augmentation of coaches in trains, introductions of new trains for which overall guideline issued by Railway Board. Monitors the punctual running of trains, analyses reasons for loss of punctuality and manages running of trains at the time of any accidents/unusual. CPTM is assisted by Dy. Chief Operation Manager-Coaching



Assists CPTM in discharging day to day passenger carrying train operation. Monitors punctual running of trains and also organizes the running of special trains. Processes the matter related to time tabling, stoppages of trains and deals with various demands from MPs, MLAs and public representatives.





Monitors Punctuality of trains, Special train formation, Train Coaching Section and all related matters. Monitors Engineering and other special Blocks







Assists DY.COM/Coaching and CPTM in discharging day to day passenger carrying train operation. Monitors punctual running of trains and also organizes the running of special trains



The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

The procedure/norms set for discharge of functions are as per the provisions contained in various Operating manuals.

The general procedural instructions are also reiterated/ issued from time to time.


 The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions

The following norms laid down for the discharge of duties



Laid down norms


GM’s MCDO high light to CRB

1st of every month



Before 10th of every




As early as possible


Reply to general references

With in 30 days


Monthly Evaluation report to statistic branch

8th for every month


Plant wise, month wise cement loading to Railway Board

10th of every month


Punctually performance

10th of every month


The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions

(a) Circulars and other guidelines issued by RB

(j) MCDO

(b) General & Subsidiary Rules

(k) Statistical data

(c) Operating manual

(l) Duty list

(d) Accident manual


(e) Law book


(f) Pink book

(o)Line capacity & utilization

(g) Establishment manual

(p) Block working manual

(h) Disaster management

(q) Safety circulars

(i) Safety bulletin

( r) Tenders


A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control

Statements of categories of documents pertains to :-

(a)  Rules

(b)Goods section

(c)  Coaching section

(d)  Time Table

(e)  Planning section

(f)   General


The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof

Operating departments dealing is mainly with public, the representations of public are received by the following ways:-

(a)  Through   National Rail Users Consultative Committee (NRUCC)

(b)  Through   Zonal Rail Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC)

(c)  Through Divisional Rail Users Consultative Committee (DRUCC)

(d)  Through  Station Consultative Committee (SCC)


(e)   Through Representation received from MP, MLA, Government officials and public by any mode. 



A directory of its officers

Please Click the link:


Details in respect of the information available to or held by it, reduced in on electronic form

Information relating to organization, its evolution, budget speech, budget highlights, tourist facilities, passenger information, train information, availability of accommodation, status of tickets, internet booking of tickets, a number of codes/manuals, etc. have already been made available on Western Railway website, Western Railway (


        Code and manuals are available on Indian Railways web site at

Click for Railway Board site:




The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use

·The information relating to the facilities available to the rail users are disseminated through the Railway Time Tables, the Railway Websites and the Facilitation Centre.

·The library is basically for the use of railway employees



The names , designations and other particulars of the Chief public information officer

Name:Shri Sandeep Srivastava

Designation: DY.COM/Planning & CPIO Operating

Address: Western Railway HQ office, Ground Floor,

Churchgate, Mumbai- 400 020

Phone: 22235 (Railway)

: 02267622235 (P&T)

Email -


Such other information as may be prescribed, and thereafter update these publications every year

Lot of information available on WR Website

Western Railway ( like tender, press Releases, Employment Notifications, Important News etc :



Source : Western Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 22-02-2024  

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